Jenny's Story - Lucas arrives early

Jenny was over 200 miles away from her home in Teddington when Lucas was born. We were able to transfer him to a hospital closer to home and reunite the family.Read more

Amy's story - Eli and Aoife transferred to Liverpool

Eli and Aoife were born two months early and many miles from their Liverpool home. Mum, Amy tells the story of their transfer.Read more

Hope thriving at 6 months

Hope was born prematurely with additional health problems whilst Mum Hannah was visiting Liverpool. Now six months old she is at home in Devon and thriving with her family.Read more

Premature triplets reunited with their family

Thanks to collaboration between us and two Northern Ambulance Services premature triplets were able to be transferred to a specialist unit closer to their family.Read more

Mollie's Story

The story of Mollie and her parent's Naomi and Pete.Read more

Baby Anais

Read about the tremendous progress Anais has made in the year since she was transferred from London to Liverpool.Read more

Early Arrival – 450 Miles from Home!

Patrick's first flight!Read more

A mother's diary report of our first transfer

A diary written by the mother of Benjamin the first baby we transferred in 2011Read more