Corporate Fundraising

Supporting Lucy Air Ambulance for Children is a great way to motivate your employees, engage your customers, and accomplish your CSR goals.

We will ensure that as a corporate supporter, you will benefit from a range of opportunities that will help increase your client and employee engagement and raise your business’ profile and branding.

The way we do this is through…

  • Fundraising initiatives
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Staff engagement programmes
  • Events

What are the benefits of working with us?

  • A cause to motivate and inspire employees.
  • Contribute towards enhancing your brandimage.
  • Resonate with your customers and clients.
  • You’ll be helping us fund our vital service forseriously ill children.

Challenge Events for Employees

Employees participating in charity challenge events inspire the team and provide PR opportunities.

Employee Fundraising

Fundraising for Lucy Air Ambulance is a great way to motivate staff, encourage creativity, improve communications and promote teambuilding. It helps to project a positive corporate image and demonstrates commitment to
charitable giving with staff, customers and business partners.

Benefits include:

  • Opportunity to motivate staff and develop new skills.
  • Increased teamwork and loyalty amongst employees
  • Imparts a positive atmosphere throughout the organisation.
  • Projects a positive corporate image to staff, clients, suppliers and stakeholders.

Fundraising examples

  • Auction Your Skills
    • Staff members offer a skill they have for others to bid fore.g. wash a staff member’s car, give a shoulder massage, provide lunch for colleagues.
  • Coffee Morning
    • Hold a coffee morning and cake sale at work to raise funds.
  • Marathon bike ride
    • Cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats on an exercise bike placedin the office. All staff members take part to ride a portion of the journey.

Other ways to show your support

  • Matched FundingIf employees want to arrange their own fundraising events, you could consider matching the result of their efforts with an equal donation, thereby doubling the amount raised for our vital service.Using this process, there are a number of benefits to your business including raised staff morale, increased motivation and creating a team feeling among employees.
  • Corporate Partnership
  • We will work with you to develop a bespoke partnership which will meet your needs and help raise vitally important funds for our vital service.
  • Cause Related MarketingThis is a mutually beneficial way for businesses to link with charities or good causes, addressing the charity’s issues by providing resources and funding, whilst also addressing business marketing objectives.The business expects to profit by this arrangement by selling more products through the association with a respected cause. It lets the public know that your company is socially responsible and interested in supporting society.The charity benefits both financially and through a higher public profile as a result of its partner’s marketing efforts.This can be in a variety of forms for example:’Purchase Plus’Customers are asked to add a donation to their bill for an item. An easy to set up programme for the business that has immediate impact.
  • Sponsoring an eventWe can offer the opportunity for your organisation’s branding to be maximised throughout if you sponsor one or part of our fundraising events.Some typical examples of promotion are:*Printed literature produced will incorporate your logo, e.g. posters, registration leaflets.*Banners, and signage to include your logo.*Website, registration and information pages to include your details.*Social media promotion.*Articles in any media publications we work with.By sponsoring one of our activities you allow all money raised to go directly towards our work and increase the fundraising amount made by holding the event.

If you would like to talk to someone about supporting us please contact us or phone 020 3096 7870.