Capital Air Ambulance


Our preferred air charter partner is Capital Air Ambulance, the largest provider of air ambulance services in the UK. We work closely with Capital and the NHS to provide our dedicated childrens’ air transfer service.

About Capital Air Ambulance

Capital Air Charter was established 30 years ago.  In 2012 it was recognised as an Air Ambulance company, and since 2014 Capital Air Ambulance Ltd has been part of the Rigby Group PLC. They are the largest air ambulance operator in the UK.

Capital Air Ambulance are high quality providers of aeromedical transport. They offer bespoke, retrieval, rapid response medical assistance services and repatriation flights, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

They are the UK’s fastest growing and sole accredited fixed-wing air ambulance provider using its own fleet of 11 aircraft maintained to the highest standards. The fleet of aircraft are medically equipped to operate confidently, safely and fly with critical care capability.

Capital are based at Exeter International Airport in Devon with aircraft on standby in Coventry. Flights may operate with one or two pilots, depending on the customer requirements whilst the on board medical team is tailored to each patient’s needs.

Capital had completed 2,100 missions by September 2016 and with its current growth, is predicted to achieve more than 800 flights per year by 2017.

Accolades and Accreditations

  • Capital adheres to the highest level of international standards and best practice of medical care, using the latest medical equipment on its flights.
  • All clinical personnel working for Capital are fully registered, licensed, experienced practitioners. They provide a highly skilled mix of specialist critical care, emergency, neonatal and paediatric medical and nursing staff.
  • Capital maintain full patient confidentiality at all times and always acts with the highest standards of ethical business practice and accountability.
  • Capital is a fully accredited member of the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI), meeting and often exceeding, the required safety, efficacy, and ethical practices in medical and operational standards required for international air ambulance providers.
  • Capital are ISO9001 accredited and a member of The Air Charter Association (BACA) and British Business and General Aviation Association (BBGA).
  • Registered with the UK Care Quality Commission (CQC) since the first year of operation, Capital is proud to demonstrate its quality and the safety of its service as revealed in the inspection report provided by the CQC (and freely available on its website)
  • The quality of the service provided is well demonstrated by high compliance of patient feedback questionnaires. Frequently audited, they are accessible for review by auditors.

Dr Terry Martin, Medical Director, Capital Air Ambulance

Dr Terry Martin is an ex-Royal Air Force doctor and helicopter pilot with a broad-based background in anaesthetics, intensive care, emergency medicine, general practice, and aerospace medicine, having been involved in the organisation, practice, research and teaching of civilian and military aeromedical transport since the 1990s.  He has worked as the medical director at Europe Assistance in the UK, trauma registrar with the London Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, senior medical officer at the former RAF Institute of Aviation Medicine and, more recently, doing paediatric and adult retrievals for Auckland Air Ambulance in New Zealand.

Dr Martin is Chairman of both committees on the International Standards in Air Ambulances and Aeromedical Education at EURAMI, the European AeroMedical Institute, he is an examiner at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh for the Diploma in Retrieval and Transport Medicine. He remains a part-time consultant anaesthetist, whilst continuing to work as a flight physician and aeromedical adviser.

After years of experience creating and teaching aeromedical training packages at the University of Otago in New Zealand, he now directs and teaches a broad suite of aeromedical retrieval and transport courses in the UK and in 10 other centres overseas.

In 2016 Dr Martin received the accolade of Fellowship of the Royal Aeronautical Society for his life-long contributions to aerospace medicine and his contributions to the development and evolution in the practice of aeromedical transport.

Nicola Cleave, our Head of Service has recently attended the ‘Capital Air Ambulance Induction Training Programme’ run by Dr Terry Martin.  This examined, aeromedical transport, logistics and operations and aviation medicine in a fixed wing air ambulance.

Nicola said:-

It was such a fantastic few days on the course I didn’t want it to end!  As a paediatric nurse, aviation physiology was a completely new challenging subject and perhaps a little bit daunting.  However, I came away with a wealth of knowledge and feeling hugely inspired.