Small but vital

Small but vital

Lucy Air Ambulance for Children is a small charity that delivers a vital service for children across the UK that no one else can.

We are a team of five who transfer children between hospitals to receive urgent care. We fly children to receive specialist surgery or care, a transplant, diagnostic tests and even fly children home for end of life care.

Although the NHS provide exceptional emergency transport, they are are unable to provide planned air transfers like these. If we do not move these children no one else will.

In the past year we have expanded our service to fly children with more complex and diverse needs:

Joshua had a rare condition – transferring him to a specialist hospital meant he was able to receive a diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.

Due to his rare respiratory condition, the only way for Henry to travel between hospitals was by aeroplane.

Transferring Jackson to a specialist hospital meant experts were able to do further investigations in to his rare condition.

Every day we work closer towards our vision that safe, long-distance air transfers within the UK are available for any child needing one, regardless of distance or cost. Our charity may be small in numbers but the impact of our work lasts a lifetime for our little transfers. As we grow we need forward thinking partners to join us. Find out more about how you can have an impact by partnering with us.