Jenny’s Story – Lucas arrives early

Jenny’s Story – Lucas arrives early

I was 30 weeks pregnant and had travelled to the Yorkshire Dales for my last weekend away before my baby was due.  Three hours after arriving my waters broke and I went straight to Lancaster Hospital.  Later that night my husband joined me and after two anxious nights we were told we were being transferred to Wigan’s Royal Albert Edward Infirmary as they had no neonatal beds.

On arrival both myself and baby were closely monitored.  Steroid injections were given to encourage the baby’s lungs to mature but when I started to show signs of infection the baby needed to be delivered by Caesarean section.  He was nursed in an incubator to help regulate his temperature whilst oxygen levels, blood and breathing were monitored. He was receiving medication, intravenous fluids and UV therapy for jaundice.

Once the neonatal team were happy he was stable to transfer, we had to resolve how he could travel the distance of 200 miles to a hospital closer to home.  Lucy AAC was mentioned which was a huge surprise!  We thought we would be in Wigan much longer.

The medical team liaised with Lucy AAC, who agreed to transfer Lucas. Tim and I hadn’t seen our daughter for over a week but the prospect of Lucas travelling by plane at five days old was worrying however the Charity answered every question we had.

Lucas was supported by specialist nurses during the ambulance transfers and flight who were kind and respectful whilst Nicola, Medical and Family Liaison Manager at Lucy AAC, reassured and updated us throughout the transfer.  He progressed well at Kingston Hospital and his sister could visit meaning we could spend time with them both. Lucas was discharged home after 16 days.

Lucy AAC turned what was an exceptionally scary and stressful experience into a journey with a positive outcome. Their kindness and professionalism appears to know no bounds. We will always be grateful for how the Charity were able to help us. We hope their amazing work continues to help families who find themselves in unexpected and exceptional circumstances like we did. We don’t know what we would have done without them. Thank you!