Emergency Appeal

Emergency Appeal

An important message from Lucy Air Ambulance for Children CEO Charlotte Young appealing for support to ensure we are able to continue flying children to hospitals across the UK.

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Dear Supporters,

In these unprecedented times I wish I could share some good news.

As each moment passes the impact of COVID-19 deepens and its grip on our society tightens. Lucy Air Ambulance for Children (Lucy AAC) will have a role to play in the following weeks and months as pressure on the NHS rises and it becomes vital that charities like us are able to continue to provide our free service.

As I write I feel both proud and sad. Proud that this week, with your support, we have already flown 3 children to hospital; ensuring access to vital medical care and changing futures. I am however sad because the future of Lucy AAC is now hanging in the balance.

We have been flying children to hospital for 10 years; so many lives have been changed by this small charity that has always managed to adapt and respond to the challenges met along the way. But this might be one challenge that we cannot overcome.

As a small organisation with limited financial reserves we are particularly vulnerable. We are entirely reliant on voluntary fundraising and we are already seeing the financial impact of the virus with fundraising and events being cancelled. At the moment we are forecasting an 80% drop in our annual income and are facing the real possibility of having to cease operating. This will be devastating for the families who need our help and the NHS who needs our service.

I know everyone is struggling and we are all facing each moment as it comes, but as Chief Executive of Lucy AAC I must try to ensure that once this crisis has passed that we are still here for the children and families who will undoubtedly need us. If you think you can support us, please get in touch. We welcome all ideas.

Thank you and keep safe.

Yours sincerely,

Charlotte Young
Chief executive, Lucy Air Ambulance for Children


There are three ways you can help us:

    1. Donate to our appeal
      It is a cliché but every single penny matters. If you are able, please donate here: www.justgiving.com/campaign/EmergencyAppealLucyAAC
    2. Connect us with people who might be able to help
      Do you know any organisations or anyone who is looking to support a small charity where they can make a real difference? If so, please email info@lucyaac.org.uk.
    3. Share this message
      If you cannot directly support us then please share this message and help us get heard.