With Alfie home, a new life as a family of four can start

With Alfie home, a new life as a family of four can start

After a four hour car journey from Leeds to London, Katie, Tom and their son Max had finally reached their friend’s house for a break before their new baby arrived.

Soon after they arrived, Katie, at 31 weeks pregnant, started to experience bleeding and severe pains. Katie and Tom rushed to Lewisham Hospital where Alfie had to be delivered immediately by emergency caesarean section – over two months earlier than expected. Born at 31 weeks, Alfie needed ongoing specialist medical care in hospital. Katie and Tom now faced a prolonged stay in Lewisham hospital – over 200 miles from home.

Max, Alfie’s 2 year old older brother, was staying with Katie and Tom’s friends whilst they all awaited news of the new baby. Confused and worried about why his mum and dad had disappeared, Max was picked up by his grandma who drove down from Leeds to London to take him back home, but without his mum and dad.

This separation was stressful for the whole family. Katie said, “We were so grateful my mum could come down and take Max home. We spoke to Max every day whilst we were in London and he kept asking ‘when will you be home mummy?’ It was really hard to hear him so upset because we couldn’t give Max the answers he needed. We didn’t know how long we would be away from him.”

Alfie was too fragile to travel the 200 mile road journey home by road ambulance, so his medical team at Lewisham contacted Lucy Air Ambulance for Children (Lucy AAC) about the possibility of transferring him by plane.

Within 24 hours, Lucy AAC had confirmed they could fund Alfie’s flight and the Charity had made arrangements to fly Alfie to a hospital closer to home.

With the arrangements finalised, Katie finally felt like things would be ok. “We were relieved to hear Lucy AAC could fly Alfie home. Everything was so uncertain up to that point – we didn’t know how long Alfie would need to stay in London, we didn’t know how to get him home and were worried about Max who missed having his mummy and daddy around.”

Lucy Air Ambulance for Children transferred Alfie and his Mum, Katie, from Lewisham Hospital to St James University Hospital in Leeds via aeroplane. Finally they were back.

Katie said, “Now that Alfie is at a hospital closer to home, our new life as a family of four can start. Tom can go back to work and we can look after both Alfie and Max. I know there is still a long journey ahead of us before we are able to take Alfie home but moving him to a hospital closer to home is a big milestone for us. We are so thankful to Lucy AAC for helping us overcome the big hurdle of getting him home.”

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