What we do

Lucy Air Ambulance for Children is a national charity that flies children between hospitals across the UK.

 Our transfers mean that: 

  • Children who are too ill to travel long distances by ambulance can be flown quickly and safely for specialist care and surgery including organ transplants 
  • Premature babies born away from home who are too fragile to travel by road or helicopter can be transferred in our oneofakind flight incubator, so they can receive neonatal care closer to home 
  • Children who are nearing end of life can be taken to a hospital closer to home to spend more quality time with their family. 
  • Children needing local care are not left vulnerable due to NHS regional transport teams being taken out of area for extended periods of time. 

Any parent with a seriously ill child just wants their child to get better. We make sure they are in the right place, to get the right treatment, at the right time. 

Our service

We work in partnership with air ambulance providers and NHS transport teams throughout the UK by providing the funding to make these flights happen. The NHS has no dedicated funding for air transfers and so relies on our Charity’s support.  

Lucy Air Ambulance provides funding and support that enables some of the tiniest and most vulnerable patients to be transferred to another hospital when a road ambulance would take too long or be too stressful for them. This may be for specialist or emergency treatment, or more often for continuation of their care at a unit closer to home. Reuniting a family at their local hospital means that parents have their support network around them, can go to work, and siblings can attend school. Sometimes these flights are lifesaving, but they are always life-changing for the patient and their family. I cannot thank Lucy AAC enough for their passion and dedication to these unique patients and their families. 

– Dr Lee Collier, Neonatal Flight Doctor 

Find out more about our service

Our transfers are funded by your kind donations. We receive no government funding and our service is provided at no cost to families. We rely on the generosity of our incredible supporters that helps us support more families year on year. Find out how you can help keep our transfers in the air.