Tim’s Treks

I first heard about Lucy when my friend Simon asked me to join him on the 50k Thames Path Challenge to raise funds for the charity. Simon was a Trustee and, during the walk, told me all about it; by the time we had finished I had volunteered to become a Trustee!

I trained quite a lot for this 50k, I had never done anything like it before.  When I finished I was tired but really felt I had achieved something.  I just had one, tiny, nagging thought at the back of my mind. You see the Thames Path Challenge has a number of events including the 50k from Putney to Runnymede and another 50k from Runnymede to Henley. Then there is "the big one" 100k from Putney to Henley. I just felt that I needed to do the full 100k.

So within days of completing my first 50k I booked on for the Thames Path Challenge for the following year, only this time for the full 100k distance. I then set about my training. How do you train for a 100k walk? By walking....a lot! So every chance I had I would go out for a walk and on Saturdays I would do a "long walk" between 20 and 30 miles. This is quite time consuming but really pays off when it comes to the event.  As part of my training I acted as a Walking Marshall on the second half of the Grand Union 100k event. Walking overnight to help and encourage participants in that event.  I spent most of the night walking with an exhausted young lady called Lois - she really amazed me when, 100m from the finishing line, she said "well Tim, are we doing the sprint finish, or what".  We did!

I completed the 100k Thames Path in September 2014. Starting at eight in the morning and walking right though the day and night until finishing in Henley at six o'clock the following morning.  It may sound odd, but I really quite enjoyed it.  When it is dark and cold in the The sprint finishearly hours of the morning and you have already been walking 16 or 17 hours it can be mentally quite tough - I would say the mental challenge is tougher than the physical - but thinking about the generosity of the sponsors and the good work the money will allow Lucy to perform really kept me going.


I decided to do another walk in 2015, this time with Lois. We did the London to Cambridge 100k (with a sprint finish!). We both found this event really tough and vowed never to do another one. Ever. Three days after finishing we both booked on to the 2016 Thames Path 100k!

 It really is good to have a target to work towards and having events booked gets me off the sofa and out training.  Knowing that the charity will ultimately benefit makes it all so worthwhile.

 At the finish

 We completed this year's event (with our now traditional sprint finish!) and are definitely not doing another 100k! Four weeks after the 100k I ran my first half marathon, joined by fellow trustee David, my friend Kerry and my nephew Dave. It may sound odd but I really quite enjoyed it....oh no!, what have I got myself into?