Have you ever thought about trekking through the sahara desert, sleeping under the stars and watching the sunrise in one of the largest hot deserts on Earth ?

If you thought YES, Well this is the trek for you!

Sahara Trek Itinerary:

DAY 1: Depart London to Ouarzazate

DAY 2: Trekking time approx. 3 hours.

DAY 3: Trekking time approx 6 hours.

DAY 4: Trekking time approx 6 hours,

DAY 5: Trekking time approx 5 hours,

DAY 6: Trekking time approx 6 hours.

DAY 7: Trekking time approx 6 hours.

DAY 8: Celebration meal to toast everyone’s desert achievements.

DAY 9: Depart Ouarzazate London

Registration Fee £299

Minimum Sponsorship £2,000

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If you would like more information regarding this trek please do feel free to get in touch by emailing us challenges@lucyaac.org.uk or giving us a call on 0203 0967870